Monday, January 28, 2008

Coast Cup - Mt. Washington

After the camp we were supposed to have two races - one on Saturday (a 5km Skate Race) and one on Sunday (don't know what it was supposed to be - it got cancelled so it doesn't matter.)

So the Saturday race was the last fixture on the Mt. Washington calendar.  Going in I was a little concerned about the conditions...  it was a bit hard and icy the day before.  I tend to ski a lot better when the conditions are a tad softer.  Anyway, as luck would have it my hopes were answered and a fresh layer about 2 inches deep fell the night before the race....  sweet.

Unfortunately, I didn't wake up feeling as fresh as I would have liked..... skiing for 6 of the last 7 days had definitely taken its toll.  But that was the same for everyone so no big deal.

In particular my shoulders and upper back were a little fatigued - I rely on these muscles very heavily (too heavily I am sure...) and the stress of all the skiing had them a little tender.

I will fast forward to the race...  Preps went well, warm-up went well...  interval start again.  I hammered it as hard as I could and skied a pretty reasonable race.  I was beaten by Mike and Alexei (again) but this time by only a minute.  I am quite encouraged by this as I feel my learning curve is very steep at this point and will be for some time....  I can feel my skills improving every time and the fact I am this close is very encouraging for me.  But I don't really like losing to them and before long I won't be a new skier any more - 2 months turns into 4 months turns into one season.... I can't afford to pat myself on the back and be proud of doing so well considering how new I am to it.....  it's the wrong mindset.

But, this race did give me a reference for where I stand - at least skating....  I would have liked to do a classic race on the Sunday to see where I am with that.  That will have to wait for the BC Championships at 100 Mile House.  

Let me tell you... it was nice to pack up at the ANCO get to the ferry and be home with the family.  I don't spend too many weeks away from the Sacha and the kids and when I do I always am reminded how nice it is to have them around...  

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