Monday, January 28, 2008

BC Cup - Race Report #2

5 km skate race....

This was to be my first skate race and only my second race ever....  (after the classic race on Saturday - previous post).

The race organizers had lined up 5km of 2010 Olympic Race Course for us.  How sweet is it that I will know these turns like the back of my hand by the time I am lining up for the Paralympics in 2010 (that's a little positive visualization for anyone keeping track at home :)

I was racing against the same 4 guys as yesterday.  My friend Brian and I (Tony coaches us both) are the newest skiers (by far) as Alexei and Mike have been on the Development team for a year or two...

This was a Mass Start (though with only 5 skiers it isn't exactly too chaotic...) - the start went well and I was the first to the hill (I have identified double poling as an early strength of mine... all the swimming and I.F. Warrior workouts paying off....).  I chugged up the hill but was already hearing Mike and Alexei gaining on me.  They passed and I settled in behind them - ok with the idea of trying to hang with the more experienced skiers....  This plan worked well until the big downhill... Mike was about 30 feet in front of me tucking down the hill and into the left turn.  I was doing the same.  He shook, he wobbled....  I prayed he didn't fall.  Normally, you'd be ok with your competition having a tumble - in this case I would have no hope of avoiding him (since I am still a little unstable on the fast downhills.)  Anyway, he went down with a fair amount of speed and I basically did the same to avoid killing him.

We both got back up and resumed....  

This was not to be my race though.  Mike impressed me with his hill climbing and steady pace... I couldn't match it and he slowly pulled away - I was way to choppy and not smooth enough to stick on him.  Like a swimmer that thrashes compared to one that smoothly strokes down the lane....  I'll get there (more positive visualization.)

Anyway, starting the second lap we got in with a bunch of teenage girls (get ready with all of your jokes...) and I lost my way... somehow got onto the 3.3km course instead of the 2.5....  I figured out I was lost - asked some volunteers (who had no idea), and eventually made my way back onto the course and finished off the race.  I wasn't sure if I was DQ'ed or just ignored, but I know I went a long way searching for the way back.  

Anyway, I was about 5 mins. behind Mike and Alexei - and I have no idea where I would have been without the mix-up....  oh well, there will be more races and I am glad to have this mistake under my belt early.

Off to Mt. Washington for ski training camp and two more races next weekend. 

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