Saturday, January 12, 2008

GF Strong Bike Program

Here's some exciting news...

The first Momentum Foundation sport exposure program became real today.  
I volunteer at GF Strong Rehab Hospital working with an amazing physiotherapist named Linda McLaren (she was my physio back in 1995).  She brings me in from time to time to talk with her patients and to give them some motivation, advice, inspiration or whatever they need at the time.

One time not too long ago I was in there and Linda was trying to teach an amputee to ride a bike on the field out back...  the problem was it was Linda's own bike and it didn't fit quite right and there were a few issues involved with the right pedals etc.  I got to thinking that there should be some bikes just waiting there for people to use - totally outfitted with the right set-ups for larger and smaller riders, the right pedals etc. etc.  And shouldn't they have an indoor trainer (spinner) as well?  Before long the idea was together....

So, I approached Stephen Kim at The Bike Gallery to see if he might want to sponsor the program.  He jumped at the chance to help.  These type of partnerships are really a no-brainer for a progressive company and a smart owner like Stephen.  Bike Store helps people learn to love riding = bike store sells bikes.  It is even more powerful when there is a hospital full of staff and patients thinking "Wow, what a great thing for the Bike Gallery to do!"  Stephen is always quick to point out that he just wants to help....  but I know that this type of thing will return all sorts of good business karma to him.

Anyway, Stephen and I set up the first bike and trainer yesterday.  I know it will help Linda to make cycling a part of "standard" rehab.  AWESOME!

The photo above is of Stephen and Justin Levine - another Momentum Foundation disabled athlete Stephen has helped out for me.  Look at the sweet ride Stephen came up with for Justin...  My advice to ya'll?  Go to the Bike Gallery for all of your cycling needs.  Stephen has a crack crew of staff that will attend to your needs - they're great guys and their hearts are in the right place.

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