Monday, January 28, 2008

Mt. Washington Camp

Well, I wasn't able to post from the Anco Motel in Courtenay - they had the most infuriating wireless internet connection - you know the kind that is there but barely, then it's gone, then it's back.....  grrr.

So here is the Camp Wrap.

First thought:  Great People.  I spent the week with a really inspirational group of racers and coaches.  Mike, Alexei, Tony, Brian, Melanie, Kristy and myself were the development athletes present for the camp.  There were a few other skiers that joined for a day here or there but we were there from start to finish.

Coaches and support:  Jeff Whiting, Phil Brown, Kathy, and Jen.

Jeff and Phil provided excellent coaching all week and I feel like I learnt a lot from them and from the other skiers.  Also, being on the snow for 4 hours min. every day for a week really helped.

Highlight:  Biathlon!  Talk about fun....  Ski, shoot, ski, shoot.  I want to compete at this sometime.... and I think it will happen some day soon.  Looking down the sights with your heart beating in your chest and ears is a real rush.

Brian and I made the daily commute to and from the mountain - shared lots of laughs and a few good meals at the local restaurants in Courtenay.  He's a Canadian National Team cyclist and an interesting guy to talk training with....  

I will likely find the time to post a little more sometime soon but suffice to say the camp was awesome.  Just what I needed to make a real jump in ability and comfort.

Big thanks to everyone who was there for making it an awesome time!

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