Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back into a groove...

With the holidays in the rearview mirror it feels good to be settling back into normal routines...  Although in this case my routine is pretty new and is requiring some adjustment.

My training weeks are planned like this:

Monday - Masters Swim @ 6am, IF Strength and Conditioning @ 3pm

Tuesday - Ski @ 9am

Wednesday - Masters Swim @6am, IF @ 3pm

Thursday - Spin @6:30am, Ski (coach session) @ 6:30pm

Friday - Masters @6, IF @3

Saturday - Ski or Run or Ride @ ~8am

Sunday - Usually rest day, or make up for a workout missed in the week (but only if I feel well rested.)

This is my "regular" schedule though I am finding that I am often switching the spin for an extra ski.  I would like to ski 4 times per week.  Also, the swimming and skiing are challenging together - drawing on the same muscles in my upper back and shoulders (since I rely heavily on my upper-body in both sports.)  Other than in those muscle groups I am finding the volume easy to handle because 1) it isn't too high and 2) the skiing is non-impact and easy for my leg to handle.  The regular week sched. has about 14-16 hours of training.

I am also a little concerned about the relative lack of running and riding....  I do still have a big triathlon season approaching.  I do a lot of interval running on the treadmill at IF but there isn't much distance.  Can't do too much about it though, skiing is the #1 priority (triathlon is 1a).

I figure after Ski Nationals in March I can switch to an "all-triathlon, all the time" program with lots of bricks for April and May and throw down the best time I can at World's in Vancouver in early June....  2 months of solid biking and running should be plenty given that my fitness should be there (or even be better) from all the skiing.

Sounds like a plan.

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