Saturday, June 28, 2008

5 Peaks Trail Run - Trip Report

Our mini-camping trip was super-awesome!  I will say it is a lot of effort for one night though - next time we go for two...

Our trip out to Golden Ears was uneventful.  Other than hanging out and laughing there wasn't much to report.  

There was one eerie moment when we drove past a liquor store and I said to Kev, "Should we get some beer?"

His response, "Nah... well, if you want to..."

Me, "Nah, let's skip it."

Later on we would remark how stupid it is to camp without beer.  Certain things go hand in hand:  Needle and Thread, Hammer and Nail, Camping and Beer.  After the kids went to bed we just kind of looked at each other and there was little to do....  so we threw an axe at a tree and tried to make it stick.  (Granted this is a better activity when beer is NOT present...)

But let's rewind....  the afternoon and evening were great.  We hung out at the beach on Alouette Lake (where many of the pictures were taken).  Debbie showed up and Kevin went for a 45 minute swim with her before dinner while I made a fire and got food together.  Somehow we undershopped and barely managed to put together two meals for 6.  In the end it worked out though and we filled our tummies quite well with BBQ'ed chicken burgers and Hot Dogs for the kids. 

Photo evidence that a "surf shirt" bought in Hawaii can also be useful at home... I had my doubts.

After dinner we made s'mores and the kids went bananas for a couple of hours.  Bedtime arrived and they went down surprisingly well - there were a few dramatic, teary moments right before sleep hit for Aia - classic overtiredness - but she conked out in the van like a camping veteran.  Again, my pride for the van is at an all time high....  mere weeks after playing a key role in ushering Viggo into the world, there it was again - this time providing shelter and comfort for Aia.  Damn, I love that van!

Mattias' next marshmallow already on deck...

This is the sweet face I woke up to beside me...

These guys were out cold - needed to be woken up!

Race morning came early and Kevin and I got up to prepare breakfast while the kids slept.  We had a pretty tight schedule to pack up and mobilize the kids in time for package pick-up and the start of the kids race.  I ate a bowl of cereal that Deb kindly provided before leaving the night before... Our food shortage dictated that one bowl would have to suffice.  The kettle we brought (and had intended to plug into my van) did not work so there was no coffee.  Kevin showed the strength of his caffeine addiction by spooning two tablespoons of coffee grounds into his mouth and swallowing it down.  Hardcore.  I declined.

Good morning Aia!

We arrived at the Start/Finish area with plenty of time to get the kids squared away with numbers, timing chips etc.  The mini-athletes were showing no signs of stress (though Mattias was complaining endlessly about a kink in his neck...  I forgot to give him a pillow...  oops.)

The crew - hydrating pre-race.

The gun went off at 8:30am and they were off like a shot.  They were scheduled to run 1km.  I hope it was measured correctly because Mattias should be quite proud of his 3:54...  I know lots of adults that would struggle to run it that fast.  All three boys ran well and were happy with their efforts.  Aia cheered extremely loudly and met her brother with a huge hug...  I think he was a bit embarrassed and I wish that stage wasn't starting...

This is the start of the kids race.  Mattias near the right side, Aia and I cheering at right.

Kevin and I started our race at 9am.  It was 8.4 km of trail.  The course climbed steadily for about 6km and then descended sharply for about 2km to the start/finish area.  We started relatively slowly since we were jammed in with about 450 other people (Sport Course and Enduro Course racers).  The narrow trails made passing a bit difficult at times but they started us in 3 waves and that helped a bit.

The day ended up being very hot (33 celsius), and I could definitely feel the sweat building in my leg as I ran.  It was going really well though.  Once the traffic thinned out I could run at my own pace and was passing a lot of runners.  I felt pretty good.  The trail featured many creek crossings which were fun and lots of mud pit leaps....

Trail running is a real effort in concentration for me.  I need to put the left "foot" down on solid ground or I will eat it for sure.  I can't just relax and trust it...

The downhill was a lot of fun and I quickly got the hang of "letting it go" and was able to throw caution to the wind a bit more.

Final time: 44:13.  I came 30 out of 210 (Overall - Sport Course), and 9 out of 33 in the 30-39 Age Group.  I was pretty pleased with the run and and really enjoyed the trail.  I am looking forward to the Mt. Seymour 5 Peaks race in July.  If you are looking to have a great time with your kids, and challenge yourself - this is a great way to go!  I was really impressed with this race and the 5 Peaks Series organizer, Kathryn.

After the race Debbie and I did a 45 minute swim in Alouette Lake which was GREAT.  The weather was so hot and I was so sweaty from the run.  The cold water was just what the doctor ordered.

The trip ended with a stop at White Spot for Pirate Paks.  Kevin and I indulged our hungry stomachs with a couple of burgers.  Good times at the Spot!

Great weekend and it's not even over yet!

Sorry this went so long - thanks for tuning in!

I love my van.

Comfort and style...

The Westfalia - in its element.

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Ri said...

Cool!!! It's nice to know that a 6year old can kick my ass in the running dept. Mind you, I only run if someone screams 'fire'.

Also, congrats own your own excellent results! You must be pretty pleased with the outcome. Was Kevin happy with his?

You know that pop-up thing your van has? Is that for a top bunk?

MJ said...

The pop-up is a sleeping area big enough for two (as long as they don't mind being cozy). You can see Sacha lying in it if you click on the link to Viggo's arrival.

Kev had a good race too - we all left happy.

See you soon!