Saturday, June 7, 2008

World's Mini-Report


                          Post-Race piggybacks...  doesn't that water look inviting?

This is going to be a brief post because I hope to load up a comprehensive race report in a day or so.  I am hoping some of the friends I had on the course will come through with some good pics... and I would really like to see my result and splits on the race website....  (ours aren't up yet for some reason.)

Here is what I do know:

- I placed 5th (there was rumour of 4th but when people say "4th or 5th" you know what that usually means...)
- My time was approx: 2:25:00

And, most importantly:

- I enjoyed the day and feel good about my race.

So, in order to not spoil my "real" race report I am going to leave it at that for now...

Look for a Race Weekend Wrap-Up and Race Report in a day or two...  I am itching to write it but I need the details...

Thanks to all of the supporters who braved chilly conditions to cheer me on - you guys are awesome!

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