Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mitsubishi City Chase - CBC TOMORROW!


I thought I'd remind you all to watch the Mitsubishi City Chase on CBC (Channel 3) tomorrow at 8:30pm.  Mark and I will be one of the featured teams in the first two episodes.

Episode 1:  Monday June 30, 8:30pm
Episode 2: Monday July 7, 8:30pm

Both shows will be available online the day after they air on CBC.  I will post a link to them (as long as I am not too embarrassed by the show!)

We had a blast at this race - you can read my Race Report HERE.  If you would like to see the promotional trailer CBC has been using for the last month or so check HERE.

Have a great weekend!


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PS I'm never taking crap from you about my diet again. Hello? You eat bugs...