Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Calm Before the Storm

Quick weekend re-cap....  I worked at the Bike Gallery on Saturday during the Westside Classic Bike Race.  What a blast!  The shop is right on the course and we basically just watched races all day.  I LOVE watching cycling races.  On Sunday my friends all rocked the Oliver Half Iron - Kevin shaved a massive 45 minutes off of his previous best with an awesome race.

We are getting a bit bogged down by terrible weather - Mattias' T-Ball was cancelled and the rain has helped to enforce my taper.  Viggo, Aia and Sacha are all great.  I CAN'T WAIT to post a picture of Aia's project - it is really coming along.

Onward.... The next week should be pretty crazy for me...

Wednesday I will spend getting all of my stuff together, picking up the race package, going to classification, getting the bike tuned, cleaned and ready to rock.  I used to do it the night before but have decided to can that habit...  I just want to chill the night before.

Thursday is race meeting, AWAD (Athletes with a Disability) Lunch, Canadian Team photo, Parade of Nations, Opening Ceremonies, Pasta Party.  That sounds like a lot to me...  I may disappear at some point but I feel like I should be there.

My role on the boards of Triathlon Canada and Triathlon BC and the efforts I have made with the ITU to help organize this race have left me with a different feeling of ownership than when I am just a competitor.  These roles have also left me with a very packed calendar this week...  board meetings after the race, cocktail parties on Saturday...  it's all fun but boy am I not used to so much stuff going on.

I have paired some of our Canadian athletes with local handlers and I am still a bit stressed about that (I don't need to be but I can't help it.)  It helps them a lot to not have to bring someone from the other side of the country to assist during the race.  AWADs are allowed 1 - 3 handlers (depending on disability) to assist with transitions.

I'll leave you with a few photos - none from Oliver unfortunately (since I wasn't there...)


The Bike Gallery - Looking good!

Stephen (Bike Gallery Owner) - Proudly displaying an Axel Merckx signed jersey.  Axel came to the event and stopped in at the Bike Gallery.

Tri BC executive director Allan Prazsky racing on his way to a 4th place finish.  He broke away early and was just about to be caught when I snapped this shot (the only good one I got of the racing all day.)  Notice the fresh white kicks, bar tape, seat, and helmet...  nice coordination and attention to detail!

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