Sunday, June 29, 2008

Interesting Article - Prosthetic "Advantages"

This is an interesting article...

I agree with a lot of the things Hugh Herr says.  I used to get a lot of "Good for you for being out here!"  Over the years, as I have gotten faster, there is quite a bit more, "Wow, that leg is really amazing!  It gives you so much spring!"

It is interesting to note the contrast...  These days people seem more likely to look to the equipment as the reason for my ability (even though it (my running leg) has been the same all along.)  I think it is easier to swallow being beaten by 'technology' than by another athlete....

In the end, these debates about "advantages", and these subtle differences in what other people say or think, would only matter if I was racing for something other than the enjoyment of feeling my heart pound and my muscles ache....  If people think I have an advantage that's OK with me - I've obviously done something right!


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Ri said...

Yeah? Well, when I see athletes cutting off their legs, I'll consider it an advantage.