Thursday, June 26, 2008

Coming up: 5 Peaks Trail Run (Golden Ears Park)


I just spent about an hour cleaning out my van in preparation for a camping/race trip. There are few things I enjoy more than camping at (or near) a race venue and getting up to toe the line.  The fantasy of taking a summer and travelling from race to race in my Westfalia has never really died.  How sweet would that be? One day I am going to string together a few races in a road/race trip of some magnitude - alas, a whole summer may be a bit ambitious at this stage in my life.

This weekend the event is the 5 Peaks Trail Race in Golden Ears Park.

Although the plan isn't quite the same as in the fantasy, it should still be pretty awesome. I am bringing Mattias and Aia, and we will be joined by Kevin and his boys at a campground just a minute or two from the race start/finish line.  Debbie (a friend from I.F. and Masters) will help us with the kids while we race.

Getting the logistics down for this weekend's events has been a challenge - Deb stepped in to save the day by offering to help with the kid-minding. She has some big open water swim goals for this summer so we are going to "pay" her by doing a couple of good long open water swims with her in Alouette Lake (one on Friday afternoon and one after the races on Saturday.)

The training/racing component of the trip looks like this:

Friday Afternoon: Kevin and I rock/paper/scissors for who swims with Debbie while the other one plays PowerRangers or Dora with the kids.

Saturday AM: Mattias, Ethan and Carter will be locking horns in a winner takes all kids 1km trail race on Saturday morning (escorted by Kevin and I). Debbie will babysit Aia while we are on the trail.  (Note:  Aia has been asked if she would like to run and has declined - she has stated that she will begin running when she is "old like Mattias".)

Saturday AM: Kevin and I will race the 5 Peaks Trail Race Sport Course (~8.4 km). Deb will hang with the kids.  Our 'plan' is to just take it relatively easy...  we'll see how that goes.  I don't think either of us will enjoy being left behind...

Saturday Noon:  Practice post race fueling strategies at the post-race BBQ....  sweet!  The words "Post Race BBQ" are like music to my ears...

Saturday PM: Another open water swim - this time the guy who missed the swim on friday gets to take to the water with a belly full of burger...

The rest of the weekend will be filled with campfires, more BBQs, playing with the kids... maybe a beer or two. Nothing but good times! 

Check out the sweet video of the trail we will be running on HERE.

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Ri said...

Yay Aia! That's my girl!

Sounds awesome. Have a great time.