Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dead Legs - Triple Crown (Well 2.5 Crowns anyway...)

Kevin and I were on the road before 7 this morning....  even so we couldn't manage the entire Triple Crown in 4 hours.

- We rode east along Marine Drive, the low roads and Mt. Seymour Parkway out to Mt. Seymour
- We climbed Mt. Seymour
- back down
- Then we rode west along MSP, up the steep hill on Keith Road, then up Lonsdale
- over to Edgemont Village, then over to Capilano Road
- up to Grouse Mt.
- back down
- along the Upper Levels to Cypress Mt.
- up to the Viewpoint
- back down
- along Upper Levels to exit 4
- back down the hill to home

Kevin had to bail after Seymour and Grouse to go home....  I had enough time to get up to the viewpoint on Cypress then had to turn it around.  Tough ride....  all hills and probably about 80km.

Seymour is the hardest (in my opinion) - seems steeper than Cypress.  Grouse is the steepest at the end but also the shortest.  Cypress is tough because of the long straight road (and it was last!)  We almost froze riding through the clouds on Seymour and especially descending....  I would guess 3 or 4 degrees at 8:20 this morning.

Don't know how well this will show up...  Peak at left = Cypress, Middle = Grouse, Right = Seymour.  Not sure about the little one third from the left...

Yours truly...  Post-ride.

This afternoon we rented a boat at Sewell's in Horseshoe Bay and went for a little cruise down to Pt. Atkinson (Lighthouse Park) and back.  It was so awesome....  the sun was out and we had a blast.  Viggo slept the whole way, Mattias and Aia were able hands and Sacha handled the food and the camera while I captained the vessel.  I'm sure there are many awesome reasons to own a boat but this is about as close as I am likely to get....  $68 + $7.25 insurance.  That's my kind of boat ownership...


Skipper too...

Ginger and Mary-Anne

Good times on the S.S. Minnow

I will sleep well tonight!

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