Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon

San Francisco is a great city.  Sure, we've had our differences, like the time I lost my leg in a horrific cable car accident, but for the most part I've really enjoyed my visits to the City by the Bay.

On that one fateful day in August 1995, I had wanted to visit Alcatraz but the boats were all full - instead we opted for a city tour by cable car.  "Human error" led to a runaway car slamming into ours...  90 minutes later I was freed from the wreckage by firefighters, a few hours after that surgeons told me I would lose my leg.

I was in the hospital for 3 weeks.  I was a celebrity for all the wrong reasons:

"Canadian Tourist Loses Leg in Cable Car Crash!"

I even had a late night visit from the mayor, Willie Brown, who offered me tickets to Alcatraz (on him).  Nice gesture, but I wasn't in the mood (being down one leg and all....)  "You'll have to bring Alcatraz to me." I said, then felt like it was a bit rude.

Many years have passed since then.  It definitely changed my life - who knows where I would be now, what I would be doing... would I be married?  Would I have kids?

I have been back to San Francisco many times, and I'm not weird and "effected" by it.  S#!t happens, and it happened to me.  I don't get emotional or sentimental.

BUT, when I jump off the ferry next to Alcatraz and swim ashore in those famously killer waters, ride like the wind, and dash to the line in one of the classic races in triathlon it's gonna feel pretty good.  I might even get a little choked up.

We may have a checkered past, San Francisco and I, but I think I will have the last laugh.

Join me?  Get entered in the lottery HERE.

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matt mccluskey said...

Best of Luck in the race. Show those "able bodies" how it's done.

Marcy said...

Thanks for sharing this :-) Since I'm a newb to your blog I had no idea. I think you definitely WILL have the last laugh in San Fran :-)

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

That will make for a wonderful story for sure. I think it brings new meaning to the term 'comeback.'

Glad to see you got some good snow to ski on. Looks like a lot of fun.

Heather said...

Thank you for this great post. You have such a great attitude about your accident. You really will have the last laugh.

PC Ironman said...

Dammit, I gotta stop reading your stuff, now I signed up for the lottery. Ok, if I get in, you have to come down here and climb that friggin' mountain with me.

Oh, and Defi Sportif? Lets go out to la Belle Province and show them french people how we do it West Coast STyle!!!

MJ said...

That's great Darren! Looks like we'll be hangin' tons in 2009. Awesome!