Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nor-Ams Trip - Day 7 SPRINT



First loser.

Call it what you will... today's sprint went pretty well.  I registered the second fastest time in the prologue and in the final came.... drumroll please.... second.

I felt pretty shaky out there to be quite honest...  the lack of skating was definitely showing.  I relied heavily on the double pole technique - totally legal but a bit lame.

I hung around long enough to watch the Open Men and Women's sprints - they are quite unbelievably fast.  These races are so cool as you have skiers bumping and grinding in packs, poles flying all over the place and athletes literally diving boot first for the line.   

Here are some photos from today.  People think I am crazy because I am always taking photos - but you have to stop and savour these moments a little - plus, I have all of you to think of!

Dave (left) and Bill (right) are our wax technicians.  These guys work away tirelessly so that we can ski fast.  It's very motivating to know these guys sweated buckets to find every last ounce of speed.  THANKS GUYS!

On the right you will see Courtney and Andrea. They brought home the bacon in the form of a bronze medal today... Nice job ladies!

I think this was the Open Men's final. These guys haul a$$.

The Pinnacles... sitting proudly in the late afternoon sun.  I recommend this place quite highly - super comfy, very "ski chalet" chic and not too expensive.

This was taken through my sunglasses - I liked the tint. So that's as close as you'll get to seeing the world exactly the way I do....

These photos look better without my sunglasses in front of the lens... go figure....

Some of my arsenal....

And this is why I am eager to get home....  it's tough being away from the family at this time of year.  Sacha e-mailed this to me - she's doing the best she can to keep me in the Christmas loop.  Thanks Sacha!  I love all you guys and miss you tons!

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beth said...

awesome photos and great race. first loser is next year's champion.

now get home to the troops!

Nikemom said...

WOW! Great photos. Nice race report.

Kris Schjelderup said...

Congrats MJ! So good to see these recaps and to see you on the podium!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

I've never believed in that 'first loser' BS. You did awesome! Great job winning that silver. I love all the pictures, they are really well done.

Rachel said...

Great job! I would die if I got silver! Cute kids too. Happy Holidays.