Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lava Java - Kona

It took two attempts but we eventually managed to escape the snow in Vancouver.  This trip to Hawaii was supposed to begin on the 21st but was thwarted by the snowstorm that hit Vancouver that day.  It was a total nightmare of a travel day (especially because we didn't travel anywhere despite 7 hours in the airport/airplane.)  After several days on the phone with Westjet they finally got us out on Christmas Day.

All 8 of us.  My Dad, my sister, my dad's girlfriend Sabine, Sacha, Mattias, Aia, Viggo and myself.  This trip was a Christmas present from my Dad - pretty awesome gift!  Thanks Dad!

I have had a difficult time with the internet here as the house we are staying in must be owned by Amish folk.  Thus my evening expedition to Lava Java...  Had to write a dozen e-mails, register my Sunday NFL picks and drop a note to all of you.

Lava Java - much loved hangout of famous triathletes on Alii Drive in Kona.  Alii Drive being the epicenter of the Ford Ironman World Championship.  It is cool to be here:  running on Alii, riding on the Queen K (sometime in the next few days), passing the Natural Energy Lab, swimming in the ocean.  I drove up Palani the other day and was imagining running up it on tired legs during the race....  one day.

All of this is in my mind because none of my travelling companions really care at all about Ironman.

I should have all sorts of great pictures of myself nerding it out majorly pretending to be in Ironman by the end of the trip.  To show them to you I will have to buy ANOTHER card reader as I forgot the cord AGAIN!  This will be my 5th (and hopefully last) card reader purchase of 2008.

Instead, I offer you these shots taken from the camera on my notebook as I sit at Lava Java.

I have to hit the road as I am racing tomorrow....  you read correctly.  Apparently there is a parents and kids race that starts at the pier tomorrow at 7.  If what I have heard is correct, I will be swimming and Mattias will be running - should be awesome.

Don't know when I'll get back online but I will have photos!  Have a great New Year's if I don't get back to you all before then.


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DC said...

JEALOUS! Mostly because the ocean temp here is now a brisk 5 Celsius.It may be August before we hit the h2o this year! Glad you finally made it especially since we got hammered again on the 26th.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

I'm glad to hear you were able to get out ok. Have fun and good luck with the race!