Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nor-Ams Trip - Day 3

As the report says, today was much better than yesterday.

There was a tiny bit of snow falling last night as I drove back from watching 007 in Vernon....  It accumulated during the night and a grand total of 3 or 4cms had fallen by morning.

3cms may not sound like a lot, especially to downhill skiers, but 3cms goes a long way in the Nordic world.  Classic skiers and skate skiers do very little skidding so the snow stays on the trail.

The morning was bright and sunny with nary a cloud in the sky.  It was also -9.5c.  A bit chilly but not too extreme with the bright sun.

I skied at Sovereign Lake for about 2.5 hours today.  It was my first good snow day this year.  Removing the rust is far from easy...  The altitude is also pretty humbling.  Combined with the cold air it left me breathless a few times.  I also developed a yummy blood-flavoured taste in my mouth - awesome!  Maybe my exercise scientist, James, can explain that one...

That's a little more like it....  sun and snow.  It looks like a lot but it's only about 10cms of snow...  

Mike Scholte and myself... Mike's a great guy - one of the best guys I've met since I took up this sport.

And a couple of shots of our retro-crib on Silver Star.  It's pretty comfortable for a place that sleeps 15!

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