Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I have enjoyed a VERY brief intermission from racing at Silver Star.  Courtney, Andrea and I drove back up this morning.  We race on Thursday (15km Free), Friday (Sprint Classic), and Saturday NIGHT (10km Classic).  

I don't have much in me for posting tonight so I thought I'd share a few lessons learnt during my brief intermission:

1.  When you're having a "not so lucky" day don't try to stretch a tank of gas.  

2. If you buy gas and the vehicle still won't start get someone to whack the gas tank with a metal pipe (or similar) while turning the key.  SERIOUSLY!  It works.  Kevin, pictured below saved Andrea and I with that little trick.  

3.  After a week of training and racing on the side of a mountain spending a bit of time with your kids and wife is very restorative.  

4. Don't wear your new red jacket in 5 consecutive pictures on your blog.  

5. Don't race Mattias in a kick set.  In fact don't race anyone, ever, in a kick set.

6. No matter how much you want to have a photo of everyone on your blog DO NOT post the picture of your wife with her eyes closed.  (She looks beautiful but you'll have to take my word for it as I won't post it.)

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Marcy said...

Awwwwhhhh those are GREAT pics ;D

LMAO at "Don't wear your new red jacket in 5 consecutive pictures on your blog."

Don't sweat it. I look like I wear the same outfit 24/7 in all my pics HAHA

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Wise choice on the wife pic.

Good luck with the races this weekend.

...and wear that jacket as much as you like.

PC Ironman said...

see? thats what I always tell people, if it doesnt work, get a big ass hammer and smack it!! if it still doesnt work at least you got some frustration out....
Oh, and the red jacket, Im going to try and learn to ski so I can get one, looks kick ass!!

beth said...

fun post!!! i don't understand half the racing you do, but that's cool!!!

as for this:
4. Don't wear your new red jacket in 5 consecutive pictures on your blog.

Totally! i'm always "d'oh!" i wore that last time..

and good call in not posting the best picture of your wife. i try to get editing privileges with james but he won't let me have them...

beth said...

yeah. and i just read the comments...looks like marcy liked it as much as me...