Friday, December 12, 2008

Nor-Ams Trip Day 9, 10, 11

It seems the Pinnacles has had router failure.  I haven't been able to connect for two days now.  

Suffering from withdrawal I drove down to the town of Vernon (about a 20 minute drive) and prowled around for free WiFi....  just the same way a Vancouver heroin junkie prowls for cars to break into, I drove around looking for unsuspecting businesses whose internet connection I could "steal".

This blog post comes to you courtesy of Denny's (or maybe the Sandman Motel)....  

I have to be brief as I am almost out of laptop battery power.

- Yesterday's 15km Skate was grueling.  I came 4th and was a little disappointed in my race.  It was my first 15km and I have some technique and pacing issues to work on.  (There will be a better report some time in the future.)

- Today was the sprint (classic) where I would have looked forward to a great result (as sprints seem to be my best races).  Unfortunately our coaches have elected to pull us all out of the sprint today.

- Tomorrow night is a 10km classic race.  It should be interesting being a night race.  

Then we leave on Sunday morning.  I am really looking forward to some family/christmas cheer.

Thanks for reading - more later... especially if the Pinnacles sorts out its router issues.

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Andrea said...

Router is working - just have to go downstairs. Anyway, just thought I would post that Team DHL has it's newest racer! Tanya just completed the classic sprint and she looked awesome and totally pro as she glided up hills she wouldn't have even considered skiing a week ago. Way to go Tanya! May it be the first of many.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

That picture is awesome! I love it. Good luck with the night race.

Karen Hoffman said...

I am really enjoying your escapades.
I always open the email saying to myself. "What is he up to now?"
Thanks for the entertainment. Good luck on your next races.