Friday, December 12, 2008

Help for Subscribers

Many of you have subscribed via Feedburner (at the right of my blog).  For that I thank you!

If you have subscribed, but are not receiving my posts in your e-mail, I'd like to explain why and how to fix it.

1.  After you subscribe an e-mail will be sent to you.

2.  You have to 'verify' your subscription by clicking a link in that e-mail.

3.  It's very simple UNLESS the e-mail goes into your spam file.

4.  If you think this has happened to you (and I am sure it has happened to about 10 of you in the last month) then go into your spam file and find the e-mail from feedburner (or it might be from Meyrick Jones Racing.)  Click on the link and presto...

5.  If you have not subscribed - please do!  There are a few different ways to make following this blog easier.  CLICK HERE to learn how!

6.  Sorry for the bother...  and thanks very much for reading.

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