Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

Wow...  I have so much to write about.  

Long post warning...  I'm not going to edit much of this weekend because I think it shows exactly the things I am thankful for in my life.  No need to grab a kleenex...  it's not going to get emotional, but I am not leaving anything out either...  Here are many of the things I am most thankful for in life...  I hope you had a good Thanksgiving too!

Friday - Things to be thankful for:  Family, Food, Fun, roof over our head (even if it is inflatable and a bit ugly.)

I decided to take Mattias to a BC Lions game.  He is approaching the age where he is almost capable of paying attention to sports as a spectator.  Notice the use of the words "approaching" and "almost"....  We're not there yet.  He is however entirely capable of enthusiasm for the event, regardless of his ability to understand/focus on or otherwise take in the game.  So we enjoyed 55% of the game with my Dad, took down a hot dog (me), and an ice cream (Mattias) and generally enjoyed ourselves.  Mattias was exposed to all sorts of colourful language which I hope we won't hear for another half decade AT LEAST.

Mattias loves jerseys and I am a sucker...  he got the Lions jersey partway through the game...

There was lots of this....

and almost none of this......

Saturday - Things to thankful for:  My kids, their health, my passions, my wife (for letting me sit at the computer watching Ironman all day)

On Saturday AM we are usually on a soccer field (in the rain.)  With the holiday this weekend it was canceled so we had the opportunity to head down to the pool to watch Kevin's eldest son Ethan compete in his first swim meet.  I am trying to interest Mattias and Aia in swim club.

Despite the best efforts of the architects to make it impossible to spectate, we enjoyed the races and the kids seemed quite into it.  Seed = planted.

I spent much of the rest of the day around the house....  Nothing noteworthy EXCEPT the enjoyment I got from following's coverage of the Ironman World Championships.  The race was pretty exciting though I can't help but feel we missed out on a huge clash when Macca's cable broke...  This was me for much of the day...

Sunday - Things to be thankful for:  My health, my wife and new baby, food on the table, books for my kids.

I don't always tell you guys about my training as I feel there are only so many ways to write "I ran", "I rode", "I swam"....  Well, I haven't come up with any new ways to write it, but I did run on Sunday - 17km.  From Caulfeild (home) to a coffee shop downtown where Sacha and Viggo picked me up.  It was totally beautiful weather and I had a bunch of new music on the iPod....  great run.

After the run I needed to feed the machine and the answer was Calhoun's on Broadway....  I have loved their sandwiches for almost a decade now - may they never change.  After lunch we (Sacha mostly) did a little shopping at Kidsbooks for Aia's birthday.

Monday - Things to be thankful for:  Long weekends!, friends, family, healthy hobbies, Trees, and a whole lot more food on the table! 

This morning was nasty - rain falling, dark and dreary.  Nevertheless, Sacha was ready to rock the Turkey Trot and I was ready to lead the cheering squad.  The usual IF contingent was in attendance and everybody had a good run despite the rain.  Mattias, Aia, Viggo and I intercepted everyone at the 7km mark for photos...  Celebrations were conducted at Cafe Zen which has, unfortunately, gone into the toilet since I was in University a decade ago...

After Sacha's race we headed back to the North Shore and I went for a "hunger priming" Thanksgiving hike with my father and brother-in-law.  It was still raining but we had a great time heading up to Eagle Lake in West Vancouver.  It was wet but beautiful in the trees and our hunger was suitably primed for Thanksgiving dinner at Sacha's parents' house.

Anne Marie's Thanksgiving dinner was spectacular as always.

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Chad in the AZ Desert said...

I sounds like you had an amazing Thanksgiving long weekend with your family. Awesome! We still have to wait more than a month for ours.