Thursday, October 16, 2008

Boston Marathon Letter

Continuing from yesterday's post, the e-mail below (CLICK TO ENLARGE) just went to the Boston Athletic Association.  I figure I can't go 0-2, somebody, in Kona or Boston will reply...  I can feel it.

It would be really great if these larger than life events actually take a moment to consider this concern.

It is hard for sport organizations to know how to "handle" people with disabilities.  I see this all the time...  race organizers often don't want to seem insensitive (which is a good thing), but it can result in decisions that "cater" too much and reduce the challenges involved in sport.

It is also important to recognize that disabled athletes can make it tough for race organizers by demanding too much special treatment.  In this way we become a "squeeky wheel" segment of the race population...  and if there is one thing a race organizer doesn't enjoy (or doesn't have time for), it's the squeeky wheel... so sometimes they shut them up and avoid bad PR by giving them too much.

So, these e-mails may get filed under "Another Squeeky Wheel" (i.e. the 'delete' button) but I hope they will be taken for what they are - an attempt to bring our population back under the same umbrella everyone else races under.

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BreeWee said...

Meyrick! I so hope you get to run... and my fingers and toes are crossed you get to race in 2010 too!

Keep on keeping on... someone will get that email and not delete it, stay with it!

All the best!

MJ said...

Thanks Bree!