Thursday, October 9, 2008

Edgemont Massage Therapy - Dave Veenstra

I went for a massage today.  Sounds pretty decadent, but it was in response to tight, sore muscles so it was no walk in the park.

My sore hamstrings are not what I want to talk about though...

The guy who gave me the massage was pretty green.  I was his 6th hour after graduating.  I know because I asked... I could tell he was maybe a tad nervous, and he looked really young.

I won't lie, I was a little nervous too.  I didn't want a rookie delivering a tentative massage, or leaving me in pain.

I'll tell you what is great about a rookie though:  they don't think they know everything.

He consistently asked for feedback on the pressure.  I hate it when they don't ask and you have to be the squeeky wheel (or plead for mercy).  He also didn't decide to critique my entire training regimen the way some other RMTs have.  He asked appropriate questions, gave advice that fell within his knowledge parameters and delivered a perfect massage which achieved the goal I had for it.

I don't understand what it is about experience that makes some RMTs think they know how much pressure is appropriate, or how much swimming, biking, running, lifting, etc. I should do, when I should do it and how I should do it.....  I have had more than one hippy massage therapist advise me to quit running and I don't dig it.   

Surely the personal elements of pain tolerance, taste, injuries etc. make it IMPOSSIBLE to choose a good pressure without asking.  Now, granted, most will ask, once.  That isn't enough unless you get to know the client really well.

Anyway, Dave Veenstra at Edgemont Massage Therapy will have a good career as an RMT.  He did more listening than talking.  When he spoke, he spoke about things he was qualified to speak about.  He did the exact job he was hired for - no more, no less.  Bravo.   

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Chad in the AZ Desert said...

It sounds like you found yourself a promising therapist. I'll make sure to stay away from the hippy therapists though. Telling you not to run? Bad hippy...bad!