Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ottawa Pics

Here are a few pictures from my Ottawa trip a couple of weeks ago.  I didn't get many shots from the ARMY Run or the Injured Soldiers Luncheon - mostly because I was either running or didn't feel it was appropriate to be snapping shots.  You can read my report from those events HERE.

All in all, Ottawa exceeded my expectations BY FAR.  It didn't hurt that the weather was awesome.  Most Vancouverites I know tend to believe that eastern Canada is the ugly duckling compared to our swan, and I suppose I was no different before visiting...  I'm happy to report that Ottawa is no ugly duckling. 

Click to enlarge photos.

Parliament - the day after the run...

Laurier statue....  there was a seagull crapping on his dome one second before but my draw on the camera was too slow.

Rideau Canal locks...  bridge to Quebec in the background.

This is the Cenotaph.  I didn't have much time so I limited my sightseeing to Parliament, the Cenotaph, the Byward Market and the War Museum.  I went heavy on military history etc. because it seemed in keeping with the weekend. 

Terry Fox Statue.  There are statues of Terry all over Canada but I think this one is the most famous (even though his head looks like it was put through a photocopier on +20%).  I shouldn't knock the sculptor...  I don't see any Meyrick Jones original sculptures adorning the nation's capital.

Parliament Buildings - I was very impressed.  More than I expected to be.  As Canadians I think we kind of expect our monuments and historic buildings to be a bit "lame" - at least compared to ones in Europe....  well, I was pleasantly surprised.

Working the self-timer shots....

Clever idea....  water drains down the post instead of off the edge.  Nice little patios like this all around the Byward Market.

Cenotaph in the evening.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Kids hanging in the back of a LAV (Light Armoured Vehicle)

Terry and I (and the photographer's shadow.)  Tourists were all around the statue and all you could hear was, "His head looks too big."  "Mom, why is his head so big?"...  too bad.

Clocktower on the Parliament Buildings.  duh...

They don't build them like this anymore....

Self-timer pic....

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