Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Maybe You Can Help Danny?

I know these are trying times....  but when I read this blog post it made me think "Wow, it could be worse!"

University of Toronto runner Danny Kassap collapsed and almost died during the Berlin Marathon.  Fortunately he survived but is now the proud owner of an $18,000 hospital bill.  Read his story at www.dannykassapfund.com

I donated $30.  It took 2 minutes and was painless.

It's not a lot, but I've been the guy in hospital in a far off land....

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Dave Danville said...

I always find it crazy that these guys who can run 2:14 might be the guy managing the Running Room! This sport doesn't pay! Thanks for putting this up - it's nice to give to one of our own (even if I would finish 2.5 hours after him).


MJ said...

a little update on this.... when i got this yesterday the total was at $700 or so.....

Today it's at $3,078! Not bad.... It would be awesome to see that number go to $18,000.