Friday, October 24, 2008

Lynne Cox - Swimming to Antarctica

I like to work at the library, it's nice and quiet and I can't use my cellphone.

About a year ago I was heading into the West Van Library when my eye landed on a book called Swimming to Antarctica by Lynne Cox on one of the shelves.  Considering the library's gazillion books it was strange that my eye landed on one at all, let alone one that was appealing.

I grabbed it.  I started reading and was hooked in the first few minutes.  I plowed through the pages in no time and then recommended it to many friends - who all enjoyed it as well.

The book is Lynne Cox's story - she is one of the greatest long distance, open water swimmers ever.  Lynne held the men's and women's English Channel record at the age of 15.  She has also done amazing swims in cold and rough waters around the world.  Her book is full of great stories from these swims.  It's very inspiring stuff and it makes you want to head out and find some crazy challenge and make it your own!  I recommend it highly to all, especially all of you sportsmen and women and adventure junkies.

So it was a pretty lucky moment to stumble upon that book....  Then, in another odd coincidence, the WV Library had Lynne come in to give a talk last night - about 20 yards from where I first found her book.

Kevin, Debbie and I were in attendance to hear her tell a bunch of good stories and soak up her energy.  You wouldn't pick Lynn out of a crowd as a world-class athlete - but she has done a boatload of AMAZING things in the water.  It was a treat to hear her describe what it felt like to land on shore in France or to swim a mile in Antarctica in 0 degrees C water.

I nerded it out big time and got Kevin to take a picture of Lynne and I.  She signed my copy of her book too.  Sorry about the quality of these pictures....  Kevin needs a new mobile phone.

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Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

There is not a chance that I would ever do a swim like that. Wild!

Thanks for the book recommendation.