Sunday, October 5, 2008

CIBC Run For the Cure

This is what Innovative Fitness looks like at 6:30am on a Saturday morning.  This is also what pouring rain would look like if it was possible to photograph rain in the dark.  

My weekend began here with a 90 minute spin...  if you've ever tried to leave the house for a dark ride at 6:30 with steady rain you will understand why I ended up here.  It was very nearly a sleep in when I saw the rain, but I was glad to get down there and hang out with the morning crew and get my work done. 

Later that morning, during a break in the rain, it was Mattias' turn to burn some calories with the Red Dragons.  He had a real 'breakthrough' game - sacrificing the body by sliding to stop attacking players (the move quickly became a staple, and was happening a little too often by the end of the game - but hey...)  He also netted a highlight reel goal on a breakaway from centrefield.  Aia and I cheered him on.

In a continuation of a fairly hectic (but awesome) morning, Mattias, Aia and I rushed across town to take part in a Hockey Pool draft.  We were sequestered in the "Molson Room" at the Cedar Cottage Pub (because A and M are 16 and 13 years underage respectively....)  My first four picks:  Ovechkin, Alfredsson, Sedin, Sedin.... boo-yeah!

The Molson Room - draft day...

We spent the latter part of the afternoon avoiding the rain and playing Guitar Hero.  Video games have been banned in the Jones household until the other day...  I think I may have mentioned my new GH problem? 

Mattias and Aia like Guitar Hero too...

Saturday Night.  Party time at our place...  Good friends, pot luck, martinis and a beer or two...

The Ladies & the Fellas

Sacha and Viggo

Sunday AM - CIBC Run For The Cure  

I had intended to meet up with Matt and Fionna (guests from dinner the night before) - unfortunately there were about 15,000 more people than I expected and we didn't see each other till after.  There was a group of IF'ers in attendance (as always) and we hung out pre-race.  The run was pretty mellow and I tacked on another 50 minutes or so afterward to round out the week's training.

Richard warming up with a textbook cardio-clap session.

It's easy to forget about the cause at runs like this, there are so many charity tie-ins at running events these days.  Even though this disease took my mom away long before her time should have been up - I was practically running before I stopped to realize which cure I was running for today.  When the volunteer handed me this I got a little tear in my eye and a lump in my throat.
I miss her.

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Ri said...

That made me cry. I miss her too.

I hope she can see you and Sach and the kids. That would make her happy.