Thursday, March 27, 2008


Kauai - also known as the Garden Island - is a damn fine place as far as I can tell.

So far, we are having a blast.  The pace is super slow here - just what we need.  The beaches are really quiet even though it is Spring Break.  I think next week they will be deserted.

We have fallen into a quick routine which is basically AM=Beach, PM=Pool, 5=Dinner, 7:30=Kid's in bed.  Sacha and I spell each other off for some exercise - being late in her pregnancy, her exercise is walking (at a jogging pace - seriously - it's weird...)  I had my first run today (about 5 miles)...  my back was OK, though I didn't push it too much.  It seems that running does not upset the same muscle as skiing.  Luggage lifting on the other hand was excruciating...  though, when one's wife is 8 months pregnant it is best not to complain about lifting luggage (or anything else.)  

My current mini-goal is to set a personal record (PR) at the Sun Run.  My best time there was two years ago: 45:24.  I didn't run it last year.  I know I am more fit now though I haven't been running as much (due to all the skiing.)  I have time to dial it in before April 20th though.

I will have many great photos (now that I have found my camera lens which was missing for two days...)  In the meantime I have only this snapshot.

Mattias and Aia - (if not for Mattias I would be the whitest man on the island - but he got his genes from me, so I suppose I am ultimately to blame on both accounts.)

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