Monday, March 17, 2008

Nationals Day 2 + 3

Well the waiting is almost over...  tomorrow we race.  9am start.

Yesterday, was an off day - couldn't train as the Team Sprints were being held on the course.  I started the day with a trip to the dump (got rid of the dryer)... There are few feelings as satisfying as tipping a dryer into an empty steel container (WHAMMM!)...

...then the four of us went to a little cafe for breakfast - following which Aia got sick (on the bed...) and I did too (but not on the bed).... fortunately, it passed really fast for both of us.
Remember when they introduced the Olympic Mascots for 2010 a few months ago??  Sumi, Quatchi and Miga?

Many thought these three were a bit... how shall I say it??... Japanese?  Well, not very Canadian anyway. It's strange that an imaginary character (the sasquatch) could be deemed Japanese but hey....   Anyway, I learned quickly what the mascot designers were thinking when we passed a gift shop and Mattias and Aia were struck with the Olympic Spirit. Wow - they love these guys! Bingo - half of my Cross Country BC weekly food stipend out the window on stuffed animals. I'm a sucker for the Olympics too....  

I got a massage for some sore muscles later in the day.  Dinner.  Team BC meeting.  Bed.  Done and done.

Today I started with a training session at the Callaghan Valley - hit the trail at 9.  Had an enjoyable ski with a fellow named Robin McKeever - he is one of Canada's top Nordic Racers (able bodied), he graciously went slowly enough for me to keep up :)  Everything felt good, the adjustment Michael recommended for my ski foot worked like a charm. I am very happy with it... Robin had a few ideas to refine it even more which I will run by Michael after Nat's.

We checked out of one hotel and into another - we are now settled for the week.  This is good as all the location shifting sort of sucks - we don't pack lightly.  The highlight of the day for Mattias and Sacha may have been Horton Hears a Who (it's a movie), which for Aia and myself was a great chance to nap.  Not that it wasn't excellent - I liked the little I saw.

More exciting posts to come....  two races in the next two days.

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