Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Back at it...

Sorry for the long delay... no internet for a few days with our move taking place.

The dust has settled on our big move.... Well, it wasn't any bigger than any other move but seemed big to us. We are now resident at the Maple Leaf Storage located next to Park Royal. I should say our "stuff" resides there - we are currently staying with Sacha's parents in West Vancouver. The situation is actually very comfortable - the kids are happy and we are just a few minutes from their schools, my office and all of our regular haunts. Also, Anne Marie's cooking is super fantastic which makes staying at her place easy to do (though perhaps bad for maintaining my ideal race weight:)

Hopefully our place will be ready for our projected move-in date of April 9th.... we'll see. The home stretch of these renovations always seems to take forever.

Training has been fun these last few days - I'm back at the cycling after ignoring it in favour of skiing all winter.

Sunday was a group ride - Kevin and I started at I.F. in West Van and picked up three others at Park Royal - then rode to I.F. Kits and picked up about 15 others for a blast out to UBC, around the UBC Tri course and then Kevin and I came back along Spanish Banks and through Stanley Park to West Van.... it is hard to beat this for a Sunday ride - beautiful!

It wasn't long and there was actually a lot of stopping BUT when we were going there were some protracted hard efforts with some great riders - Richard, Kevin, Kyle were all moving fast and my ski legs were hurtin' trying to keep the pace especially on the hills. I knew this would be the case after ignoring the bike all winter but ouch! I have some work to do!

This week Rob and I have done some good bike-run mini-bricks in the gym - it is good to get that work in as I have often neglected the bricks too much.

The pool has remained a bright spot this week... I'm loving the swimming these days and feeling pretty good. I have to throw down a 1500 tt soon though as all of this Masters stuff (50, 100, 200, 400) does not a 1500 make. Despite the not quite exact triathlon focus of our Master's class it is still such a perfect fit in other ways - lifestyle, good coach, great people - that I can't stand the thought of going solo for longer sets. It will be different when we can hit Batchelor Bay for the open water - I LOVE that!

**Reading this back has me realizing that my focus needs to be on skiing for another three weeks! Nationals is only two weeks away!

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