Friday, March 14, 2008

Tri BC Fundraiser

Well that ended up being a super-fun night...  and I think we rasied a lot of money for the TriBC bursary funds.

I think I could be a professional raffle ticket salesman - seriously - I really enjoyed it!  And the few rejections I got were like water off a duck's back...

                   Michelle and I selling (or demonstrating the "wingspan" amount of tickets)

The highlight of the night:  Kevin and I won the coolest live auction item...  a trip to Victoria to train with the National Training Centre coaches, video swim analysis, a bike workout and analysis, and a run workout and analysis....  all expenses paid.  SWEET!  And I figure since the value of this is priceless we got a bargain....

I also nailed down an entry to the Kelowna Apple Triathlon in August (Nationals)....  at a $35 discount...  Nice!

                               Kevin Parenteau and Allan Prazsky (Tri BC Exec. Director)

I also took home an excellent Speedo though it is size small and will need to collect dust until Mattias turns about 10.

Drinks after at Cardero's with Sue, Kevin, Larry, and Joe rounded out a fun night.

Sue Ironside (Tri BC President) and Joe Dixon (Race Director for Ironman Canada, Oliver Half Iron, Cultus Lake and others)

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