Thursday, March 20, 2008


                                             Aia on the playground near the Marketplace

The hot tub at the Marquise is under a wild glass dome...  pretty bright when the sun comes out...

                                        Mattias preparing for the 2026 Olympics.

Aside from the trials and tribulations of racing - we have been having a pretty fun family time here in Whistler.

Today Mattias and Aia were in ski school...  Sacha and I got them out the door in their ski outfits with limited fuss this morning - (high-fives all round!)

After dropping them off we enjoyed a relaxing breakfast before I saw Mary-Beth for some back repair.  Post-massage, we snooped on the kids skiing - we hid behind signs so that Aia wouldn't spot us and decide to cry.  She was ripping up a 20 foot stretch of almost flat snow - she couldn't have looked cuter with her homemade bunny ears on her helmet.

Mattias, meanwhile was carving turns through the gates on the Level II slope....  By carving I mean snowplowing - but he has improved a LOT and Sacha and I were beaming with pride.

After skiing we took them to the pool and hot tub to rest all of our aching muscles.  They had a blast and forced me to do a lot of moving around - I think kids are as effective as physiotherapists.  They are relentless and they wear you down - you can't say 'no' to them because they don't really care about your sore back...  they care about you swimming with them.

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