Friday, March 7, 2008

It's coming together...

I just got off the phone - exciting phone call with my prosthetist, Michael, from RGP in San Diego. We have been trying to come up with a plan to solve some technical issues I have been having with skate skiing.

Problem: Setting the inside edge on my left ski is VERY difficult - my prosthetic foot tends to roll out slightly, meaning I have almost no grip on the snow and I end up "spreading the sauce" - which is ultra-lame and extremely irritating. (Note: I find these things extra annoying because there is little I can do about it...) In the early part of the season when snow was plentiful and soft this problem was a lot less noticeable... but now with the hard icy conditions it is a nightmare. I have had days where I honestly thought I was better the FIRST time I skated.

Solution: Call Michael and ask him to come up with a solution. The issue is that my Flex-Foot Modular III is designed for walking, running etc. and it has a split toe to adjust to angled foot strike.... this adjustment is preventing me from setting the edge of the ski firmly.

We have ordered a Mod III WITHOUT the split and Michael is going to bolt it down.... should be LIKE A ROCK. And... hopefully in time for Nationals.

The fact that I have such high confidence that Michael can get this right without me in his office is why I keep going to RGP even though they are in San Diego....  RGP comes with my highest recommendations - Michael will hook you up with whatever you need to do the things YOU want to do.  

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