Friday, March 14, 2008

The Eagle Has Landed

Well, the title of the post may seem overly dramatic to some of you but receiving a new piece of race equipment makes me very excited.

Furthermore, you may not have experienced the ability to order a new body part...  it can create some quite spectacular results...  Whether my new KASL (Kick-Ass Ski Leg) will or will not is yet to be determined (because I have not tried it yet....)

This may not look like a high-tech secret weapon to you... and it does need to be assembled, so you are forgiven for not seeing the "beauty" in this equipment.  Like many of the messes in my van this stuff is actually very valuable race equipment (thieves do not take note please...)

Gotta end this post here as I am getting ready to head up to Whistler for Nationals - will be there for the week.  I hope to be posting throughout but may not be able to...  one way or another all of the sordid details will end up here eventually.

Wish me luck!

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