Thursday, March 13, 2008

Leg in the shop...

This is a follow-up post to the one a few days ago about some exciting changes in the works for my leg...  no, not a tattoo on my right leg....

On Tuesday I UPSed my leg and my ski boot down to Michael at RGP so that he could measure the angles I was using and the lengths of various parts in order to fabricate my KASL (Kick-ass ski leg) using the new "uncut" Mod III.

I pondered the wisdom behind this a bit since the timing is so close to Nationals - (No skiing for a few days in the run-up / should I use the new equipment in the race anyway after only a few tests???)

Ultimately, I decided to send it down and go for it...  the skating should improve so dramatically that I couldn't resist.  Also, if it needs further tweaking I can just use the old set-up and all I will have lost is a few days of training.

It still feels a bit nerve-wracking to have no leg right now....  I want to ski with Team DHL tonight but won't be able to.  Those training sessions are so key...  Nothing to be done about it though - I made my decision and will have to let the chips fall where they may.

On a less pressing but more awkward note:

I am attending and helping to put on the Triathlon BC Cocktail Party and Fundraiser this evening.  It should be a lot of fun though I will be woefully underdressed - my choices were: Pants with my running leg (looks really stupid) or shorts with my running leg (looks pretty normal (at least for me) but not at a cocktail party)....  Oh well, I am going with the shorts and a shirt and tie with sweater - if I had a cap I could be a schoolboy look-alike or Angus from AC/DC...  

Actually, I think as long as I channel Angus, I should be pretty cool... (though I intend to wear somewhat longer shorts.)  

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