Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well we made it back safe and sound...  got back on Sunday night actually.  The journey was smooth right up till the last hurdle - our luggage got lost.  All four pieces to be precise.  We still don't have it and I won't lie that it's becoming a bit irritating.  Really it wouldn't be a big deal except for a few key items - the cord for my laptop being the #1 item I am missing.  (Mental note: don't separate the cord from the laptop to save a bit of carry-on weight.)  So, why did our luggage get lost?  Let me tell you (because this is a new thing and you may be effected)...

When you have a connecting flight and the second leg is international, say, Kauai - Honolulu then Honolulu - Vancouver you MUST pick up your bags in Honolulu and take them through customs and security yourself.  Not like the old days when they could "check your bags through".  The problem is that the airline check-in staff will often still say "we'll check your bags through to the final destination" for some reason (like any of the following: they don't know Vancouver is in Canada, they are half asleep, they don't look at the final destination at all, they forget the new rule, whatever...)  The result is you arrive in Honolulu, head to the gate for your next flight while your luggage runs into a problem in the bowels of the airport.  Said luggage then gets re-routed to the 'Baggage Department' where it collects dust until someone sees fit to process the paperwork and put it through customs without you.  Meanwhile a WORLDWIDE BAGGAGE TRACKING system headquartered in Bangalore, India is trying in vain to figure out this (quite simple) problem.  So beware....  just say, "No Thanks, I'll pick up my bag and re-check it."  Obviously, this isn't a problem if you are flying domestically or if the first leg of your journey is the international leg...  

Anyway, I am borrowing a cord and finally seeing my e-mail (over 200 new e-mails... arghh) and providing a quick blog update.

Our holiday was GREAT!  Kauai is a pretty special place and one that I know we will be visiting again soon.  I will load up a slideshow and a better trip report in an upcoming post (once my luggage returns from its extended holiday in Honolulu - that's positive thinking for you...)

Onto Training....  it's great to be back into a regular routine.  I got my program from James at Innovative Fitness and it looks like a great plan to put me into fighting form for triathlon season.

My first benchmark will be the Sun Run on the 20th - I am excited to do this race as it should provide a pretty good reading on my overall fitness.  Also, it is a lot of fun...

I am fighting off a creeping antsy feeling that I am late in preparations for triathlon season....  the logical side of my brain knows it is because I have had a busy ski season and things are different with a two sport focus.  The other side of my brain just feels like I am "behind".  The cure for this problem?  I need to ramp up the workouts and get down to business fast!  (without overdoing it and getting injured.)

My biggest weakness at the moment has to be my cycling as I have ignored it to a massive degree over the course of the winter.  I will be seeking to remedy that situation in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for some training posts and pics in the coming weeks, and cross your fingers for better weather!

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