Friday, April 11, 2008

Kauai - Vacation Wrap and Slideshow

Hey folks... wow it takes a long time to go through digital photos.... sheeesh.

Anyway, here are most of the good shots from our trip. Notably absent are awesome shots from the Na Pali Coast hike I did with Ian Daffern (a Cross Country Canada National team Wax technician who was on Kauai by chance at the same time...). They are absent because I forgot the memory card for my camera - doh! Anyway, Ian will send me a few shortly.

The final summation of this trip.... boring, lame, don't bother going there, the place sucks! Just kidding.... it was awesome! We loved the island and would recommend it to anyone - and there are great deals on accommodation there (good places from $125/night!) Just ask and I will fill you in...

Without further ado.... the slideshow:

Foreshadowing: great news coming up in a few days.... stay tuned for an exciting announcement!

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