Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Report

It ended up being a pretty good family weekend - still feeling a little under the weather, I just decided to give up on any training aspirations I had for this weekend.

Saturday was beautiful and sunny and perfect for the T-Ball Opening Day Parade and party....  T-Ball, Baseball, Little League - call it what you will - is awesome!  I have to say they really have it figured out compared to a lot of the other kids leagues.  It's all about sportsmanship, you hear it again and again and again...  the kids learn about being on a team and cheering on your teammates and all kinds of other great things...  it's just a great vibe.

Saturday afternoon was spent in a friend's backyard enjoying the sun - Maya's 4th birthday was the event but the sun was the star for all of us sun-starved folk...

Sunday was pretty mellow - raining...  Sacha gave me a free morning to read the paper and enjoy a coffee at Starbucks - very relaxing.  I then took over with the kids while she took a nice long walk in the rain.  All in all very relaxing day.  Left me feeling mostly ready for the week which is good because I need to ditch this fever, cough etc. ASAP!

Monday Masters:  We knocked off 3km in the pool this morning.  It was a lot of fast 50s - some on :50, some on :55.  Also a fair amount of kick which for me turns into "pull".  It was alright though I did spend a lot of time coughing into the water and also at the edge...  it was tough.  The coughs were heaving, hacking coughs - not pleasant...

I am back at it, though far from perfect....  hopefully better tomorrow.  I am also nursing a bad blister on my leg - came out of nowhere and very disappointing.  Might have to go leg-less for a few days.... 

Today was LASERDOME day for Mattias' birthday - pretty fun times for all the kids (and yours truly).  If you ever find yourself in a Laser Tag centre 1. sign up and play with the kids it's awesome and 2. bring earplugs.

Gotta run - b-day dinner.  Peace.

                                                            Laser Dome here we come!

                                        Birthday Boy blowing out the candles - 6 years old!

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