Friday, April 11, 2008

Training Update

First week back update...

I missed my first swim back due to lost luggage - no goggles, no suit.  (and the three hour time change made 5:30 seem like 2:30 - Ouch!

So on Wednesday I hit the pool at 6 am for Masters.  Mischa usually lets us have it on Wednesdays so it is never advisable to make Wednesday your first day back after a lay-off.  I went against this rule of thumb though and threw myself in at the deep end (literally and figuratively.)

It hurt.  The main set was 5 x 400 metres (progressive - which means they are supposed to get faster...)  The first was completed in 6:15, the second in 6:10 or so and then I began to "progress" the wrong way....  Snorkeling with Mattias may not be adequate to keep my swim stroke at peak performance.  

In the pool again this morning for a shorter sets workout... more to my liking and I held my own and led the group for fast 50s and a few other fun sets.  It doesn't take long to get it back...

Down at IF I have had a couple of great sessions:  Monday with Rob (highlight: we did a Tabata session on the treadmill - 20seconds on a tready at 12.5, incline 3 followed by 20 seconds on a different tready at level 8, incline 1 - back and forth, back and forth, no rest, repeat 8 times....  it only takes a few minutes but it is tough.)

Wednesday with Richard was tough - started the day with Mischa's deadly Masters workout so I was already a bit exhausted upon arrival when Richard hammered me with a 3 x 12 reps strength day.  Was painful...

I did a 7km trot (easy run) on Thursday... just to get the legs moving.

Today Rob and I did a cardio blast workout that involved three rowing/running mini bricks that were challenging but not too bad.  Row 500 metres in sub 1:40 then run 1 minute at level 10 on the tready followed by 1 minute at level 8.5... then various strength exercises.  Repeat three times changing the exercises each time.  Good fun.

This weekend has a big bike ride on Saturday and a run (on Saturday or Sunday).  Should be fun...  more details to follow.

Good to be back.

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