Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sun Run Strategy

Since I know you have all been on the edge of your seats since I left you with the cliffhanger two posts ago, I will now unveil my Sun Run Race Plan.

As mentioned previously, I am going to try a different strategy than I normally use in a run like this.  Normally, I would try to run a steady race throughout, not varying my pace much (except for trying to kick at the end with whatever reserves remain after 9.5 kms or so.)

After reading some interesting posts recently (especially this one from Lucho) I have decided to try taking a risk in the early part of the race.  The "risk" is to start the run significantly faster than I would with the old technique....  not so fast that I guarantee a bonk - just fast enough that I guarantee it will hurt over the last kms.  To lay down my best time I will have to SUFFER - this is unavoidable.  My old technique, and the technique used by most recreational runners, is designed to avoid suffering at all costs - i.e. the "don't go to hard now, you still have 7,6,5 km to go and you don't want to blow up..." mindset.  

So then, the strategy this Sunday is to go out running 3:45 - 4 minute kms and to continue doing that for as long as possible.  I am certain my time won't be sub-40 minutes so of course I am expecting to slow down as the kilometres tick by - but I hope the risk will pay off and I will be able to lay down a new PR (personal record) and achieve the goal I set for the race.

Whatever happens, it's great to have a plan and I will learn from the results on race day.  If I can give any advice to people (and remember it's only worth what you paid for it ;) it would be to have a plan going in to any race.  Give yourself a "job" to do and approach it that way.  Try different plans and strategies until you find one that works for you but always have a plan - don't compete aimlessly.

Of course the Sun Run is a "fun run" and if you are just heading out for a great day then disregard the previous paragraph - but if you "care" about your result - having a plan is kind of key.

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