Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Run

I was planning to go on a long ride today with the I.F. group but in the end the logistics made it too challenging.  We are living at my Dad's at the moment (he is in Montreal) and all of my cycling equipment is in West Vancouver.  The 7am start-time combined with my equipment being on the other side of town made me change my plans.  

Instead I strapped on the running leg and went out for a Sun Run tune-up.  I read about a run workout that Bree Wee (a first year female triathlon pro) uses in the week or so prior to a race so I decided to give it a shot. 

Briefly it goes like this:  

- 15 minute warm-up
- 5 minutes steady (2 minute recovery)
- 4 minutes steady (2 minute recovery)
- 3 & 2
- 2 & 2
- 1 & 2
- 10 minute warm-down
- (then I went about 20 minutes more)

The idea is that you go a bit harder (and hopefully faster) with each interval.  This is called a Fartlek session (i.e. different intensities).

It went really well, I enjoyed it a lot and I covered more ground than I expected.  This type of workout is what I need because it forces me to use different paces and become comfortable with how much I can do at each speed....  it is sometimes easy to run at one speed all the time (which is a sure way to never improve.)

I will unveil my Sun Run race plan here in the coming week...  I will be trying a new strategy.  Exciting - I know....  a cliffhanger.....  you'll have to check back to hear all about the new plan.

Now we are off to a huge Chinese wedding....  I think there will be 400 people.  11 courses of chinese food too...  wow!

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