Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Innovative Fitness Sponsorship

I've been looking forward to this post for a little while now. In fact, if you've been checking my blog over the last months you've probably noticed the Innovative Fitness logo under "sponsors" on the right hand column. Well, the deal has finally been made official, and I am proud to say that Innovative Fitness and I have agreed on a sponsorship that will expand our already long and successful partnership through 2008 (and beyond I hope!)

My feeling is that the best sponsors, and therefore the ones athletes should try to sign up with first, are the companies they would shell out their own money for anyway. It's a test that proves whether the product or service is ACTUALLY VALUABLE to the athlete. I could be wrong, but I doubt Tiger Woods drove a Buick before they sponsored him.... in contrast, (and, admittedly, on a slightly smaller scale), I have been a loyal and happy, paying customer of Innovative Fitness for more than 4 years now. So it is very easy for me to promote this great business - I know first hand how much I.F. can do for anyone signing up.

My history with Innovative Fitness began 4 years ago when I decided to make a commitment to my health. This decision came about as a reaction to pain and discomfort I was having around my hips (this is common for amputees several years after losing a leg). I wanted to ensure that I wouldn't need a hip replacement - one high-tech, robotic body part is enough for me thank-you very much! The only answer was to strengthen the key muscle groups in the area to reverse the effects of a decade of overcompensation. I couldn't leave this matter to the winds of willpower and the ebb and flow (mostly ebb) of previous efforts to "get fit". I needed results and I needed to be held accountable - my health and future depended on it.

The processes and systems that are at the core of Innovative Fitness are unique, time tested, and effective. My initial goal ended up being a pretty easy one - after a few months working with my trainer my hips didn't ache at all. In addition to the superior training (and the great results) the amazing value of Innovative lies in the atmosphere and culture that exists - between coaches and customers and between the customers themselves. I quickly found myself part of an extremely energetic and exciting community of active, live life to the fullest, people. I was exposed to so many amazing opportunities - different sports, travel adventures, great people etc. Not only that, but the physical improvements I continued to experience made me more and more excited to act on the opportunities - to accept challenges, and eventually to challenge myself.

Four years later I can look back and credit Innovative Fitness for being a real catalyst in a huge life change for me. I was introduced to triathlon - I will compete for Canada in my second World Championships this year. I gained the fitness and courage to tackle a goal like making it to the 2010 Paralympics in Nordic Skiing - and I have a support crew behind me from Innovative working to make that dream come true. Most importantly of all, my lifestyle is much improved - I am healthier, happier and more energetic than ever before.

During my 4 years at Innovative my family has grown - Mattias, now five years old, was one when I joined, he now has a sister, Aia (3), and a brother on the way. I am proud and thankful that these kids think going for a run or a bike ride, or doing a race on the weekend is the most natural and normal thing in the world. (Mattias did his first running event last year - he was 4.)

To summarize, I would say that there is no single influence that has been more important to my start and ongoing development as an athlete than the people at IF. Their incredibly good slogan is: Challenge, Adversity, Victory - and I feel that an organization that walks, runs, swims and cycles people through these stages couldn't be a better match for me.

Our sponsorship agreement is very exciting for me as Innovative Fitness will be providing me with the same great value in training and support that I have enjoyed and benefitted so massively from over the past 4 years. In return for their services and support, I will act as an I.F. ambassador in the community; I will proudly wear their colours; and hope that, through my endeavours, I am able to inspire customers and staff to challenge themselves and maximize their relationship with "the gym" to reach their goals.

If you are ready to lay the foundation for your next "Victory", whatever it may be, don't leave it to chance! I would be happy to fill you in and put you in touch with the right people to support your efforts. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.... Or you can look into it for yourself at:


(Just don't forget to tell them you heard it here first. Thanks!)

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Heather said...

hey meyrick...congrats on the sponsorship...well deserved. you are quite the inspiration...hope you are feeling better...love your site...hope to get a chance to boogie with ya sometime.
h (heather)

MJ said...

Thanks H! We are going to have a reunion party (I'm not kidding...) We just moved into our house today. Probably need a month or two as there's a baby coming on or around the 23rd... but it WILL happen.



Heather said...

A new house hey...and a new baby...how exciting...read you are having a baby boy...that's great.

Sounds great about the reunion...it is our one year anniversary this week....man, time flies!

Talk to you soon.