Thursday, April 17, 2008

Overcoming Adversity

On Tuesday I was proud to be able to speak to a great group of about 30 people from GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre in Vancouver.

I have been volunteering at GF Strong for a while now and have enjoyed helping other amputees with various aspects of their recoveries.  Sometimes we just chat, sometimes we ride bikes, sometimes we run....  all in all, I guess I try to demonstrate that an active life is still a reality and that the rewards are even more poignant when it requires extra work to overcome adversity.

That was what I talked about on Tuesday - Overcoming Adversity, Goal Setting, Using a Process to Achieve your Goals.  I also showed a few pictures and told a bunch of stories about my own exploits to illustrate the rewards when these things are done properly (and the failures when they aren't!)

I really enjoyed the opportunity and found the stories shared by the people in the room to be very inspirational.  I even got a pineapple for my efforts - which was most fortunate given the pineapple addiction I have after 2 weeks in Hawaii! 

                                                           A few folks from the group

                                                                    Chris and myself

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Champagnewednesdays said...

That was a really nice story! Good for you. I had a cousin who was in GF Strong and I think what you do is so kind.

MJ said...

Thanks Champagnewednesdays! I had a look at your blog... very nice photography, and I like the "writing celebration into everyday life" philosophy.... thanks for visiting - hope to have you back soon!