Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Breaking News!


We have a new rider in the family....

Mattias was out practicing his riding tonight with Sacha, her parents and her brother. He graduated to "two-wheeler" status (which means he can ride without training wheels...)

I got there after dryland training and was able to catch a few photos and celebrate with him. He wants to do the Yaletown Grand Prix next year - he saw the kids race when we were there and he's pumped!

Aia is learning to ride as well and she is showing a lot of promise...  By the way, our kids don't always ride in pajamas and rubber boots... they insisted and we know which battles to fight!

My in-laws - Gary and Anne-Marie with Mattias and Aia

Fitness testing was pretty good tonight... We ended up doing the "Beep Test" (I don't know if that is the real name) instead of the 3000m run. The beep test was popular with PE teachers when I was a little kid.... A boom box emits a beep in shortening time increments, with every beep you have to run 20 metres, back and forth.... I got to level 10 (which is something like 50 back and forths.)  The hardest part was stopping and changing directions... almost gave myself a blister because I did every turn planting my right foot... I think with better turning technique I could go another level or two. (My current training doesn't involve a lot of stop/start direction changes...... I am going to have to change that!)

Push-Ups - you had to keep up to a very fast cadence as dictated by Tony's ghetto-blaster (sweet word I haven't used in a while) as soon as you are off the pace you are out.... Result: 44

Sit-Ups - Same deal, fast cadence with the boom box.... Result: 79

Burpees - Same again... Result: 34 (if I remember correctly...)

The beep test and the sit-ups were my best events.... the burpees were very tough - I have a hard time with that range of motion on the left leg.

Tony addressing the group to be tested - mostly folks from the Nordic Racers Club

Other Nordic Racers club members....

That vein on my forehead can get a little out of control when I am working hard....

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