Sunday, July 6, 2008

STP Training, Canadian Armed Forces and raunchy porta-potties...

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Mine was very enjoyable - so much so that I never got a moment to sit down and blog.  

I have a few topics to cover with this post so buckle up and we'll get started.

STP - Red Tape

OK, I came up with that cool idea to ride STP with Brian on his tandem.  It was (and still is) very exciting for me because of the new experience it offered and the chance to see how a blind athlete competes. 

The problem was that STP was sold out.  All 9,500 spots.  I tried to pull a string with the organizers (charity aspect of the ride etc.) - no luck.  I tried to buy a spot on the online notice board - no luck (and I almost got banned for offering a premium!)

It took until late last week to actually get Brian registered to ride in STP and then it was only luck that a friend of a friend dropped out.  This caused me to shelve the "launch" aspect I had been hoping for regarding Momentum...  no matter though.  There are all kinds of great opportunities and the next one will be right around the corner I am sure.

In the meantime my plan is to document the ride and write an article or two for submission to news outlets and magazines...  why not get my hands dirty in the freelance writing field?

STP - Training

Brian finally came back from traveling all over racing his bike.  He qualified for Beijing at Nationals in Quebec so his focus has been on more important things than STP (if you can believe it!)

We got out for a good ride on Wednesday last week.  I rode out to Burnaby on my bike, then we jumped on the tandem and went out for 90 minutes along the Barnett Hwy. through Port Moody and around Coquitlam.  

The tandem required a bit of getting used to...  it's handling and braking are pretty slow.  It's acceleration is a bit slow too, but it's top end is out of this world...  Once it gets going there's not much that slows it down.

Apart from one awkward moment involving a cement truck I think I did an admirable job piloting for the first time.  Brian was impressed, though he added "... but I wouldn't race with you yet" whatever that means...


Sacha and I (and Viggo) slipped away for a quick overnight break in Seattle.  We left Mattias and Aia with Sacha's parents and headed out early on Friday morning.  July 4th is an interesting day down in the U.S.A.  They are so patriotic...  I can't decide whether to love it or hate it...  I think I love it.  Ultimately, I wish we Canadians had a little more pride in who we are at times.  We don't need to take it to the extreme that the yankees do - that's a given - but on Canada Day you could barely tell anything was going on here.

This is a cake Sacha and I found at a QFC store in Seattle.  The world needs more cakes made to look like hamburgers and fries...  I particularly enjoyed the "ketchup".  Happy Independence Day!  

Canadian Armed Forces

I'm joining.  Well sort of...  I have been invited to come out to Ottawa in September to conduct a running clinic for wounded soldiers.  I can't tell you how proud I am that this opportunity has landed in my lap.  The Armed Forces are putting on a 5km, 10km, and Half Marathon in September and it will be the first time running/competing for many new amputees and recovering soldiers.  The clinic will be a part of the festivities for the weekend.

I hope I will be able to stay in the barracks with the troops and experience the soldier life for a few days and be able to offer some motivation, inspiration and knowledge that will help these men and women get back at it.  

I will be writing much more about this when I have more details.

And today...

Great ride out to Steveston today with Kevin, Sam, and Krista.  Lots of laughs...  I almost puked (not exaggerating - I dry-heaved three times) when waves of odour from this porta-potty engulfed me....  

I thought I was a safe distance away.  Kevin and Sam actually went INTO the porta-potty without hurling which gives me a new respect for them.

On the way back we joined Cal Lindberg (I.F. customer) for a bit - he is training for Ironman Canada and I enjoyed hearing about his training while we picked our way across town.

At the top of the hill at UBC.  Sam on the left and Kevin on the right.

Krista.  Shown facing the camera...  a photographic departure from my signature "back of the head" style of shot.

Me.  Self-Portrait.  

Kevin and I post ride.  Check out my jaunty head-band (click to enlarge a bit)...  it's to keep sweat out of the eyes (and because I only needed one excuse to wear a sweet head band....)

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