Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More STP Photos

Here are some photos of Brian and I on the road..... Courtesy of MarathonFoto. I have a suggestion for the good people at MarathonFoto:

Your options for prints between $13.95 and a stratospheric $72.95 are a little ridiculous. And, PLEASE don't get me started on the digital single image download for $39.95! Or worse, the CD for $64.95!!!!

How about a digital, downloadable option for $4.99 or less?

Does the word "PROOF" in orange on my images mean "proof that I am not stupid enough to pay through the nose for these images"?

Have I gotten out of touch with reality here? Normally I am not cheap.... Thoughts anyone?

Without further ado, onto the $160 worth of images (if I actually ordered them).... By the way, STP was $80.... Making buying photos of STP twice as expensive as actually doing STP...

Rant over.

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1 comment:

Kim Hexter said...

Couldn't agree more! That's the last time I smile for those guys during an event