Sunday, July 6, 2008

City Chase CBC - Episode II



The second episode of City Chase will air on Monday July 7th at 8:30 on CBC.

To catch Mark and I in action put your TV on '3' and don't touch the dial.

For the record:  Mark and I were quite pleased with the first episode.  We felt we were portrayed well and didn't make fools of ourselves.  Even my wipeout off the fence seemed minor, which I was pleased about.  Also, they played my field goal 3 times so I can't complain!

To watch the first episode online click HERE and then click VANCOUVER just below the header...

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Bill said...

Nice Job Meyrick! You guys looked really good on TV and are naturals for this race. Stick with it for sure!

The "Godfather"

MJ said...

Thanks "Godfather"!

HarleyRollins said...

Hey Jones. Cool to see Rich Brooks-Hill win it (a Saints boy- his sister Alex was our year at Crofton, I believe).

Good coverage of you guys, they sure made the Asian cousins look bad. Those guys were brutal! It was hilarious to hear them talk and then see them finish 116th (99 places behind you and 89 behind my sister and I).


MJ said...

I felt a little bad for the cousins... the producers kind of get you all pumped up and want you to make super-competitive remarks... (and I don't need much help with that...)

Then the winners talk about how they were hung over, just takin' it easy etc.... (of course, easy to be cool after the fact...) They were filmed 100% post-race.

I can't wait for next year...