Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Weekend Theorem

Summer consists of about 16 weekends.  June thru September...  (Rule #1 - I count June and September because I don't go to school and the weather is occasionally nice.)

16 = Not a lot.  If you stop to consider the reliability of the weather in Vancouver, you might as well call it 12 (Rule #2 - bad weather summer weekends don't count.)

Given only 12 weekends to work with, it is essential that they not be squandered.  This should not be news to anyone from Vancouver. 

It's not a complicated theorem (by the way what is the difference between a theorem and a theory?  anyone? Theorems sound cooler and more exotic, so I'll go with that.)  Titles aside, this is one worth remembering because in the blink of an eye it will be November...  and November ain't pretty.  With that in mind, onto the...

Weekend Wrap

Saturday:  5 Peaks Trail Race - Cypress Mountain

Another great 5 Peaks race.  This one MUCH tougher than the Golden Ears race in June so it was good that Mattias imparted his signature advice before the start - "Dig deep mama!"  Sacha and I ran it together in a remarkable display of matrimonial harmony.  We dug as deep as we felt necessary to deserve a good breakfast afterward.

This was Sacha's first race since Viggo was born 9 weeks ago.  She did superbly well given she hasn't exactly been training for about 9 months now.  I was glad I ran it with her because it was so technical....  had I been on my own I probably would have gotten carried away trying to go fast and would have certainly bailed many times.  The result would not have been pretty given my gluteal issues.  

The uphill section was long and steep (think Grouse Grind) and the downhill was loose and steep....  pretty easy to slip on loose dirt and big rocks.  You had to lean into the downhills and let'er rip or you'd slip onto your ass for sure.  Part of it was a mountain bike trail so the corners were banked in spots which was cool.



Mattias ran his Children's 1km race and enjoyed every moment.  He even got a stitch from running so hard...  It was awesome.  Aia took a race off and cheered instead.  Gary and Anne-Marie (Sacha's parents) were on kid patrol while Sacha and I climbed the mountain and slipped all the way back down - thanks guys!

Mattias going hard on the outside

And crossing the line...  He ran the last 100m with his hand on his chest (stitch and all)

Saturday night was a great dinner at our friends' Heather and Conal's house - firework viewing afterward from their deck.  

Sunday:  Deb's Bay Challenge

See upcoming post and Guest Race Report with photos!

My article about STP - was in the North Shore News today - all of page 3 and part of page 4.  Looked great I thought.  Check it out here.  The paper had a bunch of photos too.  Unfortunately, I guess my headline was too long so they shortened it - was better before in my humble opinion!

This week we will be on Hornby Island...  Should be a lot of fun.  I am riding up island from Nanaimo to Fanny Bay to get there (80km), so that will be a good test for my left ass cheek.  Posts my be impossible while we are on the island, but I promise a good one upon our return.

Aia awaiting her parents at the finish line...

Viggo likes races too

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