Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weekend Preview - 5 Peaks Trail Race and VOWSA Bay Challenge

This weekend serves up a couple of pretty cool events:

Saturday is the 5 Peaks Trail Race. Originally scheduled to take place on Seymour Mountain, it has been re-located to Cypress due to excess snow still on the trail. This puts the start line about 15 minutes from my house. I am definitely going to be there with the kids as they will be 'competing' in the Children's 1km... I still think I will sign up for the adult race but I will leave the decision till the last moment. The road rash is healing well but I am not sure I want to launch back in with a race.... but then again I loved the last 5 Peaks race at Golden Ears. Decisions.

On Sunday I will be supporting my good friend Debbie Collingwood as she takes on the VOWSA Bay Challenge. VOWSA = Vancouver Open Water Swim Association. The Bay Challenge is an open water race from Sandy Cove in West Vancouver to Kits Beach in Vancouver. An impressively long distance by any standard. 10km as the crow flies - but crows fly differently than humans swim... she will be fighting currents and crossing shipping lanes. It's certifiably bad-ass and I am pumped to be on the support boat looking after her fueling, hydrating and photo documenting. I would like to try this event one day.... but then I always think that when I spectate or support someone else and don't compete. Debbie and I (and a few others) have been swimming together for a long time now, and I paddled the kayak with her the other day when she did a training swim of about 6km. I think she is ready to rock it.... should be cool.

Other than that I will be hanging out with the wife and kids, trying to sneak a peak at the Tour and just chilling. On Monday we leave for Hornby Island and my butt had better be back together because I was really looking forward to riding my bike a lot there and on Vancouver Island.

Enjoy your weekend!

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