Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Countdown to STP!

STP is getting close now...  I can feel my excitement level rising.  If you have a hard time getting excited about events in life I have a recommendation - custom jerseys.

I know, it may seem excessive if you are just trying to get excited about going to work or going to the gym, but I can attest to their effectiveness...  I picked up our custom jerseys today and they are sweet!  I immediately became 3x as excited about STP.

The old 'into the bathroom mirror, headless horseman, grasp your own butt' shot.... I tried in vain to reverse this image (and paste a head on it) before uploading so that it wouldn't read backwards, but couldn't make it happen.

Atac Sportswear in Langley sponsored us by providing these jerseys on super-short notice so that we would look coordinated and suitably 'pro' while tearing up the tarmac between Seattle and Portland.  I enjoyed working with them and look forward to placing a big order in the future once Momentum gets rolling.

I also picked up Brian's race package today, closing a long and painful chapter of this STP adventure.  I almost wrote that it was a "pain in the ass" but then it occurred to me that I should save that phrase for the ride report where it may find a FAR more appropriate usage.  

I guess it's true that nothing good ever comes easily, and particularly so in the case of a late registration to STP!  A huge thanks to Dave Herder, an I.F. customer, for hooking us up.

So, then....  riders registered, hotels booked, trucks and transport arranged, jerseys in hand, training completed....  I figure I am one huge tube of chamois cream away from being ready! 

Tonight I am off to dryland training - where we will be doing our fitness tests for Cross Country Canada.  The test involves a combination of exercises - timed push-ups, sit-ups and burpees as well as a 3000 metre run (I think).  I don't think I will be 100% fresh because of all the riding I have been doing, and the workout Rob and I did yesterday at I.F. - but I intend to throw down with all my might.  Should make for a tiring evening....

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Anonymous said...

Sweet jersey! Can I have one? I'll call you because you probably don't know who 'anonymous' is....