Friday, July 25, 2008

Nakamura Stinger - Makeover

Aia has been rocking the Nakamura Stinger this summer.... with it's performance drivetrain, all-terrain rubber and distinctive 'Stinger' graphics you would be forgiven for wondering why it needed a makeover.

I can definitely relate to a rider wanting to personalize his/her ride and that is what Aia wanted to do with the Stinger. We opted for a custom basket (so she could carry her babies with her while riding.)

My first suggestion was to match the basket to the Stinger's graphics. Yellow and black stripes and angry bee motifs not being her bag, this was a non-starter. Surprising nobody, Aia declared that the basket would be "Pink, like a princess basket."

We went to Michaels and purchased the necessary supplies:

- Basket
- Pink Spray Paint
- Elmers Glue (with glitter)
- More Glitter
- Pink felt flowers
- "Diamonds"
- Ribbon
- Beads

The Result:

This may have many of you casting your mind back a couple of months to Aia's last project - the Princess Castle. It is almost finished, here is a shot from last week.

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